The final of the second national competition "The Best Women's Initiatives for Democratic Development of Local Communities” concluded in the Ukrainian Parliament building. The competition was organized by the European Assembly of Women-Deputies, in partnership with the Association of Ukrainian Cities, the Council of Europe in Ukraine, and the International Embassy of businesswomen.

Nearly half a hundred contest participants gathered at the event together from different regions of Ukraine, along with guests of honor including the Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Ukraine Matti Maazikas, UNDP Strategic group for democratic governance advisor Marcus Brand, Deputy of Parliament of Ukraine Maria Mezentseva, and others. Rebecca Harms sent the special video greeting to the participants from Ukrainian Carpathians.

Women-deputies, public figures, scientists, businesswomen and all who make significant contributions to the development of their communities participated. They presented projects in the competition, which were evaluated in several categories: “Entrepreneurship”, “Public activity”, “New Ukraine”, “Scientific activity”, “Governance”. As a result, 24 winners were identified, and three projects received special prizes.

The winners of the competition "The Best Women Initiatives of Ukraine for Democratic Development of Local Communities - 2019" were:

In 2019, 135 women from all over the country applied for the competition «The best women's initiatives  of Ukraine for democratic development of local communities». It should be noted that the quality of applications this year has increased significantly. There have been frequent applications about decentralization, united territorial communities, opening of administrative service centers, developing strategies and community regulations. Kharkiv, Zhytomyr regions and the territories of the East of Ukraine showed the most activity in the competition. This year also saw an increase the initiatives that aimed at introducing equal opportunities in communities, maintaining equal access to goods and services for different segments of the population, and inclusion.

On July 2, 2019, the consideration of the applications, submitted for the competition, was in the office of the Verkhovna Rada Committees of Ukraine. Representatives of the project partners - Svetlana Gryshchenko (Council of Europe in Ukraine) and Natalia Lazarenko (Association of Ukrainian Cities) also participated in the meeting of the selection committee of the European Assembly of Women Deputies. While reviewing the applications, it became absolutely clear that Ukrainian womanhood is extremely sensitive to global trends in democracy - ecology and new technologies, education and equal opportunities.

Due to extremely interesting and high quality projects, the results of the competition have more winners than planned. There are 24 winners and 3 projects with special status (affiliate, out of competition). Here is their list:


Women's Initiatives Winners – download

 Zhytomyr woman-deputy, chairwoman of the MP Group “Equal Opportunities” Irina Yarmolenko and city authorities congratulate Irpin acting mayor Anastasia Popsui and are opened for further exchanges of experience after Saturday's May 18 meeting in Zhytomyr.

Irina Yarmolenko, the initiator of the «GENDER MONTH» project, invited the Irpin acting mayor to give a welcome speech at the panel discussion "Zhytomyr is a city of equal opportunities".

Good relations have developed between the political figures since the joint national project, after which the young leaders have continued their mutual partnership.




The European Assembly of Women-Deputies in partnership with the Delegation of Europe Council in Ukraine, City Association of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Union of Women Deputies announce a competition for the best women's initiatives in Ukraine that have become important for the democratic development of local communities (cities, towns and villages).

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Increasing the motivation of women to be active in the sphere of democratic change through the promotion of the best implemented initiatives from different communities of Ukraine.

PARTICIPANTS: Women-deputies, entrepreneurs, academics, and community activists who have made a personal contribution to the development of their community.

Politician, MEP from Germany, Head of Euronest (Euronest - platform of cooperation between the European Parliament and the parliaments of the Eastern Partnership countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) Rebecca Harms has written a statement on joining the European Assembly of Women-Deputies. This happened during a meeting with active Ukrainian women in the European Parliament in Brussels.

“This is the important event for us. Lobbying for democratic change in our country and inspiring women to run for election will be easier for us now”, said Anastasia Popsui, Chair of the European Assembly of Women-deputies.

Ukrainian activists had the opportunity to talk with Rebecca Harms. She is a member of the Parliamentary Cooperation Committee between EU and Ukraine. The woman-deputy said that the next year she will not run for the European Parliament election and will focus on improving life in Ukraine. She will consider the possibility of moving to Ukraine.

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