The best women's initiatives in 2019 were celebrated in Kyiv

The final of the second national competition "The Best Women's Initiatives for Democratic Development of Local Communities” concluded in the Ukrainian Parliament building. The competition was organized by the European Assembly of Women-Deputies, in partnership with the Association of Ukrainian Cities, the Council of Europe in Ukraine, and the International Embassy of businesswomen.

Nearly half a hundred contest participants gathered at the event together from different regions of Ukraine, along with guests of honor including the Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Ukraine Matti Maazikas, UNDP Strategic group for democratic governance advisor Marcus Brand, Deputy of Parliament of Ukraine Maria Mezentseva, and others. Rebecca Harms sent the special video greeting to the participants from Ukrainian Carpathians.

Women-deputies, public figures, scientists, businesswomen and all who make significant contributions to the development of their communities participated. They presented projects in the competition, which were evaluated in several categories: “Entrepreneurship”, “Public activity”, “New Ukraine”, “Scientific activity”, “Governance”. As a result, 24 winners were identified, and three projects received special prizes.

The winners of the competition "The Best Women Initiatives of Ukraine for Democratic Development of Local Communities - 2019" were:


1st place

Irina BILYK - from Kharkiv city, Director of LLC "Squirrel - Green Thoughts in Action"

 2nd place

Victoria AGENTTAEVA - from Shiroke village, Zaporizhzhya region, director of the municipal institution "Agency for Development of Shiroke Community"

 3rd place

Zhanna Solovyova - from the Zhytomyr city, executive director of the NGO "Modern Format", chairman of the board of the Zhytomyr Community Foundation

Victoria Prydatko - from the Pokrovsk city, Donetsk region, businesswoman



1 place

Olena SHILOBRID - from Belovodsk village, Luhansk region, head of the department of economic development and trade of the executive committee of the Belovodsk town council

 2nd place

Anastasia KOBETS - from Kharkiv, deputy, member of the committee on Culture, Tourism, Sport and Youth of Kharkiv Regional Council

Kateryna Rudenko - from Dolynska city of Kirovograd region, deputy of Dolyna district council

 3rd place

Irina KOBZAR - from the Vyshneve city, Kyiv region, deputy of the Vyshneve City Council



1 place

Krasnolobova Irina - from Kharkiv city, President of the Initiative Charitable Foundation “Youth Charitable Foundation "Initiative”

 2nd place

Elizabeth KUZMENKO - from Vyshneve city, Kyiv region, journalist of "Public radio", member of the commission of journalistic ethics

Elena NIZHELSKA - from the city of Severodonetsk in Luhansk region, chairman of the NGO "Crisis Media-center" Seversky Donets "

 3rd place

Yulia KABANOVA (SHPAKOVYCH)  - from Fastiv city in Kyiv region, deputy editor-in-chief of AIA «Blitz», coordinator of the Center for local democracy development in Fastiv



1 place

Alina GARKAVA - from the city Zhytomyr, assistant-consultant of the deputy of the city council, a student of the third course of Zhytomyr State University named Ivan Franko

 2nd place

Olena SAGITTARIUS - from the city Poltava, associate-professor of the Department of Philosophy and Socio-Political Disciplines of the National Technical University named Yuri Kondratyuk

3rd place

Oksana KRAVCHENKO - from Uman city in Cherkasy region, doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, associate-professor, Dean of the faculty of social and psychological education of the Uman State Pedagogical University named Pavel Tychyna



1 place

Yulia SHKURUPIY - from Kropyvnytskyi city, Head of NGO "Association of Women of Ukraine" Action "in Kropyvnytskyi

 2nd place

Oksana  ZAGORSKA - from Baranivka city in Zhytomyr region, project manager of "Youth cluster of organic business of Baranivka united local community " Baranivka city council

Natalia Kalinichenko - from Bilopillya city in Sumy region, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Belopolshchyna" and a deputy of the Sumy regional council

 3rd place

Lyudmila NOROVILOVA - from Dobropillya city in Donetsk region, chairman of the Dobropillya district branch of the association of women of the Pokrovske and Dobropillya regions, chairman of the Dobropillya district women's organization


Kateryna SKURATOVSKA - from Lubny city in Poltava region, deputies of the Lubny city council, chairman and deputy-chairman of the public organization "Posulla Charming"



1 place

Elena PEHOTA - from Mykolaiv city, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Management Education and Pedagogy of the Higher School of Khmelnytsky Humanities and Pedagogical Academy, Head of the NGO "Center for European Adult Education"

 2nd place

Svitlana Kropelnitskaya - from Ivano-Frankivsk city, Associate-professor of Finance Department of Precarpathian National University named Vasyl Stefanyk, director of the Project and Educational Center for Innovation and Investment Development in the region "Change Agents"

3rd place

Irina SOPILKO - from Kyiv city, Dean of the Law Faculty of the National Aviation University



1 place

Natalia DELIYEVA - from Odessa city, chairman of NGO "Association of women of Ukraine" Action "

 2nd place

Natalia LAZARENKO  - from Kyiv, Deputy-director of USAID project “ Development of a course for strengthening local self-government in Ukraine ”, Association of Ukrainian Cities

 3rd place

Yulia YERSHOVA - from Kurakhove city in Donetsk region, senior state performer of the Mariinsky district department of the State executive service of the Main Local Administration of Justice in Donetsk region, deputy-executive director of the Ukrainian Coordination Center for improving the legal education of the population


The winners of the competition


You can read more about all the initiatives by downloading the collection at: book-download


The organizers of the competition presented diplomas and gifts to all participants. The winners were awarded diplomas and symbolic statuettes, and six winners were awarded trips to the European Parliament in Brussels, where they will be able to participate in several days of internships and to increase their knowledge of leadership. The Publishing Company “Summit-Book” presented a book about the world-famous Ukrainian “Legacy Ukraine” to the best participants.

Chairman of the "European Assembly of Women-Deputies” Anastasia Popsui said that she was happy to welcome initiative women with projects that are important not only to their cities, regions, countries, but to all the world. She stressed the importance of solidarity and mutual support. "Important support for each other, an important good word: "Do not give up! Well done! You will succeed! "" - said the initiator of the competition.

Anastasia Popsuy thanked all partners (International Embassy of Women Entrepreneurs, EU Delegation to Ukraine, Council of Europe Delegation in Ukraine, Association of Ukrainian Cities, Publishing House “Summit Book”), honorary guests and all competitors for their active participation in this project. Special thanks to the team from Irpin, led by Irpin City Council Deputy Violetta Kremenchuk, for organizing the event.





Anastasiia Popsui Anastasiia Popsui Анастасія Попсуй Агастасія Попсуй Anastasiia Popsui Anastasiia Popsui Анастасія Попсуй  

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